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How much do you spend on electric expenses?

How much time is wasted on building maintenance?


Our solutions can reduce electric expenses by 30% or more in most facilities.


Your utility will often pay for a significant
portion of your project costs.

Our solutions match your needs with
available rebates to optimize your

Our Clients
  • cbre
  • verizon
  • hilton
  • cushman & wakefield
  • iron mountain incorporated
  • morgan state university

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Case Study – Fortune 100 Company
  • The Problem

    Burdened with electric bill and maintenance expenses in seasoned facilities, Eclipse Power Solutions was engaged to audit the facilities and offer recommended solutions.

  • The Solution

    After reviewing planned projects, we complemented existing efforts by upgrading all lights to LED with sensor controls. In addition, we upgraded wiring to code, replaced inoperative equipment, removed potential fire hazards, and proposed upgrades to alleviate inadequate lighting measurements.

  • The Results

    This company has multiple facilities that have been brought current with improved illumination, greatly reduced maintenance demands and increased work place safety. These projects were delivered professionally, as scheduled, as budgeted, with minimal employee disruptions and reduced total electric demand by 24% annually!!

The Problem
  • Costs
  • Wasted Resources
The Goal
  • Savings
  • Sustainability
  • Productivity
Wo We Are

Eclipse Power Solutions provides energy
efficiency products and services to commercial,
energy service and public entities.

The Solution
  • LED Lighting
  • Less Noise
  • Sensors
  • Less Pollution
  • Variable Speed Controls
  • Less Humidity
  • Temperature Consistency
  • Performance Reporting
Our Products

Smart Thermostat

LED Lighting

Variable Speed Drives/Motors/Pumps


  • Packaged rooftop units, heat pumps, split units
  • Computer room air conditioning units
  • Variable air volume systems
  • Chillers and chilled water pump systems
  • Fan and pump flow and loop pressure controls

Consulting Services

  • Energy Management Services
  • Energy Performance Services
  • Sustainable building technologies
  • Efficient, effective building services control
  • Sustainable operative and maintenance reduction services
Product Benefits
  • Reduces electric expense
  • Reduces noise and environmental pollution
  • Increases workplace safety
  • Increases environmental sustainability
  • Improves worker comfort
  • Improves public image
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Increases property values and lease rates
  • Increases building efficiency, control and reporting
  • Reduces maintenance expense
Our Services
  • Building audits for energy efficiency measures, electric code compliance, and/or consulting services
  • Provide, install, and commission variable speed drives, optimizers and controls for HVAC systems
  • Project management services
  • Utility rebate program optimization and management
  • Provide, install and commission LED lighting and lighting controls
  • Project financing
Our Process
  • Audit the Building
    We conduct an Investment Grade building audit to determine what is currently being used and how it is implemented.
  • Review and Recommend
    We identify appropriate measures and coordinate with the rebate team to optimize your comprehensive solution.
Why We Are Different
  • Focused exclusively on
    energy efficiency projects
  • Proven, scalable,
    cost-effective solutions
  • Emphasis on
    seamless execution
  • Optimized for superior
    customer service
Peace of Mind

Our solutions feature up to a 10-year
manufacturer’s warranty.

All work is performed by an approved utility
trade ally.

Our projects feature up to $10 million in
insurance coverage from State Farm.

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