Terms and Conditions


Costs do not include any applicable sales taxes. Rebate values are EPS’ best estimate of rebates available at the time of proposal. Actual rebate dollars are not guaranteed and may vary based upon program changes, availability of monies from the Utility, approval of the rebate application by the Utility and final counts of compliant product installed.


  • Quoted pricing assumes 1 for 1 replacement only, any change in layout or unforeseen electrical issues are not included in the quote
  • Electrical repairs, replacement, rework or modifications beyond the initial fixture connection are expressly excluded
  • Any change in proposed quantities or recommendations will require a revision to the quote
  • Any required permits or associated fees are not included in the quoted pricing
  • Post award audit/re-design services (CAD drawings/reflective ceiling plans/stamped electrical drawings) are not included in the quoted pricing
  • Performance and payment bonds are not included in the quoted pricing
  • Pre/post M&V services are not included in the quoted pricing
  • Attic stock or material to be left onsite after the job has been completed is not included in the quoted pricing
  • Pricing excludes all applicable taxes
  • Pricing completed at standard labor rates only. If Union or Prevailing Wage is required, then the quote will need to be revised
  • The counts for locked areas will need to be verified, once the project is awarded
  • Quote assumes reasonable access to all fixtures
  • This quote excludes the upgrade of pre-existing conditions to meet current code requirements
  • Asbestos/leaking PCBs/Lead removal is not included in the quoted price above and will need to be removed by a qualified contractor if encountered
  • Quote excludes scaffolding
  • Emergency drivers/ballast are expressly excluded unless noted otherwise
  • Due to frequently changing rebate programs, rebate estimates will need to verified post award of project and pre-installation
  • Savings are estimates only and will vary dependent upon how the building is operated and occupied
  • Quotes are valid for 30 days